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    Havoc after the storm

    In the event that Genshin Impact's "Destruction After The Tempest" has given you numerous brain pains, focus on this article as we will let you know how to effectively beat this side quest.

    Methodology to follow to finish "Devastation after the storm":

    How to complete "Devastation After the Tempest" in Genshin Impact?

    With a simple clarification we will tell you the best way to defeat this mission.

    Devastation After The Tempest Genshin Impact

    First of all, you need to go to Mondstadt to start the quest, and the second you are there you need to talk to Aramis, who will equip you with the quest you are going to finish.

    The mission is simple, but focus on it to make it go smoothly. It is about collecting some banners during Mondstadt whose content has a specific idea for him.

    The region you need to put the banners in is small and it won't take you long to fill it, as it's all around the Mondstadt dividers.

    Towards the end you will have to talk to Aramis again so that he gives you the prize and the mission will be finished.

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