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Gorou is a future character in Genshin Impact. It is conjectured that he will be released as a playable person later on.

Gorou from Genshin Impact in 1 minute

Qualities of Gorou from Genshin Impact

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Extraordinary: Unknown

Vision (Component): Geo

Position in the team: General Sangonomiya

Weapon: Unknown

Location: Inazuma

Gorou's Personality Impact Genshin

Gorou is portrayed as an individual who communicates his own considerations and is not limited by the feelings of others. He additionally portrays him as an individual who lives with his subordinates and draws a blade to secure them.

Who provides Gorou's voice for Genshin Impact?

The animators who will bring Collei to life have not yet been revealed, but we will know everything to have the data quickly.

How do you draw Gorou from Genshin Impact?

Soon we will transfer you the video of how to draw Gorou from Genshin Impact! So while we leave you the following characters. Come back soon!

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