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    Weakened by the impact of Genshin He has porcelain skin, a slim and athletic figure, dark red eyes, and red hair. His hair is constantly tied in a tangled braid, reaching down the center of his back. He is Mondstadt's most extravagant man of honor, consistently exquisite, though ordinarily a strong-willed warrior.

    Diluc of Genshin in 1 minute

    Qualities of Diluc from Genshin Impact

    Age: 21 years

    Height 180 cm

    Extraordinary: 5 stars

    Weapon type: Claymore Sword.

    Component/Vision: Pyromaniac.

    Work in the group: DPS.

    Mondstadt area.

    Instructions to get Diluc from Genshin Impact

    Like most of the characters, Diluc is a person that you can get by pulling your standard in the Gachapon shop (which costs your intertwined predetermination or experiences with destiny).

    Due to his excellence, he is a character that you rarely have the opportunity to get, and he is not difficult to acquire.

    Genshin Impact's Diluc Story

    Debiluc de Genshin Impact

    Genshin Impact Diluc Gifts:

    Tempered Sword(Normal Attack):

    Ordinary Attack: Activate 4 fast slashes.

    Charged Attack: Spend Stamina to perform persistent blows with the sword.

    Dive Assault: Implodes from the air to impact the ground, affecting his opponents and leaving the region he passes through decomposed.

    Consuming Edge (Elemental Ability): Slams his sword forward dealing damage to Pyro.

    Dawn (Ultimate Ability): Explosive fire calls the phoenix flying forward, causing Pyro to damage all enemies.

    Tenacious (Featured 1): Halve the stamina of Diluc's charged attack.

    Favor the Phoenix (Responsibility 2): The Pyro Enchantment that grants the Dawn is extended for an additional 4 seconds.

    Custom of the Knight of the Dawn (latent 3): Recovers 15% of the minerals used in the manufacture of Great Sword blades.

    star groups


    consume endlessly

     Fire and steel.

    stream of fire

    Phoenix, messenger of the dawn

    Flame sword, enemy of the gloom

    Diluc Artifacts de Genshin Impact

    Red Flame Witch

    Genshin Impact's Diluc Story

    Mondstadt's fermentation business is well known throughout Teyvat. Diluc owns Dawn Vineyard and controls most of this Mondstadt brewing business. This necessitates that he be able to equally control the progression of data, reports, and money. Diluc could be said to be the uncrowned ruler of Mondstadt.

    Who gives the voice to Diluc from Genshin Impact?

    The voice animator who brings Diluc to life is

    Sean Chiplock (English) Kensho Ono (Japanese)

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