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    Come mettere mod your Minecraft PE


    Preliminary information

    Come mettere mod your Minecraft PE

    Minecraft Pocket Edition (successively ribattezzato semplicemente Minecraft) is the version of Minecraft for mobile devices, developed by the renowned Mojang AB. It is available for Android and iOS / iPadOS and, as well as on the PC, allows you to explore, interact, create and modify a world made up of cubic blocks.

    Mods are, in fact, changes that are applied to the original version of the game and, as such, they could also compromise its correct functioning. The main solution that I will show you in this post is that official, so you shouldn't run into any problems.

    However, in the course of the tutorial I will also show you a procedure that involves installing mods using external files. In the latter case, you will have to pay attention to sources from which you choose the mods, since unfortunately there are several bad guys on the Net.

    For this reason, my advice is to go to the digital store internal to the game, as the use of external sources may be risky for your device and your privacy. To give you a concrete example, as you can read in the official Future Time blog linked to Avast, in 2020 i security researchers they found 7 dangerous applications related to Minecraft that they stole money from unsuspecting users.

    I do not take any responsibility for any problems or damages resulting from the implementation of mods on Minecraft PE. That said, let's roll up our sleeves and get started!

    Types of mod

    Come mettere mod your Minecraft PE

    Come ti ho accennato in precedenza, le mod per Minecraft possono aggiungere tante funzioni, personaggi, ambientazioni nuove e variazioni al gioco che nemmeno puoi immaginare. Its own perché c'è a vast scelta, you illustrerò the main category of mod utilizzabili, per avere un'idea più chiara delle possibilità che hai a disposizione.

    • Map - if you try to mappe personalizzate che, a loro volta, si divideono in altre sottocategorie: Avventura, Mini-giochi, PVP, Parkour, Survival, ecc.
    • Seeds - letterally "semi" che, per definizione, sono combinazioni di caratteri che determined the creation of the world. Using the stesso seed, if you can create, appunto, the stesso mondo. Unlike mappe create appositely, i seeds are automatically generated and post contain dungeon, isole enormi or biomi meravigliosi senza apportare nessuna vera e propria modifies the gioco.
    • Skin - sono delle modifiche che vengono apportate all'aspetto del proprio personaggio, suddivise in svariate category: per ragazzi, per ragazze, a theme film, videogiochi, anime or, ancora, dedicate a mostri, animali, robot e tantissimo altro.
    • Texture - Unlike the skin, it modifies the l'aspetto dei blocchi. Puoi trovare mod che apportano leggerichangementi, altre che li modno drastically, altre ancora che ne aggiungono di nuovi.
    • constructions - Come si può intuire, puoi aggiungere intere costruzioni già pronte: case ed edifici, statue e monumenti, veicoli e navi, dal medievale al Moderno, davvero di tutto.
    • Mod and AddOns - Last, but not least, I will see you and I will modify the stravolgere il gioco. Vuoi aggiungere nuovi animali or mostri? Puoi! Will Vuoi cavalize a dragon tree? Puoi! Will Vuoi transform Minecraft into a Pokémon gioco? Puoi fare anche questo, e molto altro ancora!

    How to install your Minecraft PE mod

    As mentioned in the preliminary chapter, I am going to show you the main possibilities to install mods on this version of the Mojang title. Of course, before proceeding I remind you that you need to have the mobile version of Minecraft, also known as Minecraft PE, on your device. You can download the latter directly from the Play Store for the price of 6,99 €.

    Internal shop

    Come mettere mod your Minecraft PE

    The best method to install mods in the smartphone and tablet version of Minecraft is to go directly to the shop inside the game.

    In fact, the latter, accessible by tapping on the item Marketplace (present on the main screen of the game), allows you to download verified mode, both free that payment.

    Inside the shop there are 4 categories: Skin packs, Worlds, Texture packs e Mash-up packages. skin they are nothing more than aesthetic elements, for example a Costumes for your character, while i worlds they are adventures or anyway some minigames.

    Come mettere mod your Minecraft PE

    As for the texture, the latter are capable of improve the visual rendering of the game. For example, among the most popular packages is HD textures. Finally, i mash-up they are nothing more than packages that include elements of various types, such as skins, worlds and textures all together.

    If you want to take a look at the free way for Minecraft, just press once you enter the Marketplace, On 'icon of the lens of ingrandimento, present at the top right, and tap on themarker icon. After that, press on the option first Minecoin and later on that Free.

    By doing so, all the free mods will appear on the screen. You will notice that there are solutions for all tastes from this point of view. For example, if you want some advice, you might be interested in the Adventures of Rockett 1 and Glitch Race: Endless Parkour packs, to name just two examples. In my view, these packages represent a good "business card" for the world of Minecraft PE mod.

    Come mettere mod your Minecraft PE

    To give you a concrete example regarding the installation of a package, I will examine the mod Rockett Adventures 1. To proceed, once pressed on the package box, tap the button Free and wait for the download for free of the mod.

    After that, press the button first Create this world and in no time his quello Crea. This way, you'll kick off a community-created adventure and start playing the content offered by the pack.

    If you want, instead, add a skin, just press the button Free and tap the button Equip the skin. This way, you'll be ready to use your new item: you can go back to the game's main menu and press the button Profile to take a closer look at the costume.

    As regards the texture packs, you need to press the button Download, wait for the download, tap the button Activate package, expand the entry MY PACKAGES, click on the box against and tap on the option Attiva.

    Come mettere mod your Minecraft PE

    Otherwise, you will have noticed that there are payment mod. The latter can be purchased with the Minecoin, the store currency that can be obtained by spending real money. To take a look at the prices, just click on the icon + present at the top right.

    Generally, 320 coins they cost 2,29 euros, 960 coins they cost 6,99 euros, 1600 coins they cost 10,99 euros, 3200 coins they cost 21,99 euros and 8000 coins they cost 49,99 euros. In some promotional periods there may also be some bonus coins.

    In any case, the purchase is made through the billing system of the platform you are playing from. Usually it is enough to simply press on Buy Now and then use the Minecoins to get the various packages.

    Via external files

    Come mettere mod your Minecraft PE

    How do you say? Would you like to install other mods besides those available in the game's internal store? No problem, I'll explain immediately what you can do!

    Well, in this case you must know that there are third-party websites that make available to mod made by the community. For example, some portals from which you can generally find interesting mods are MCPE DL and TLauncher. I reiterate the fact that it is about third party solutions considered "controversial" by some, so choose at your discretion: I do not take any responsibility in case of problems.

    In any case, the files that these websites make available generally have the extension .mcaddon or at most .mcpack. To use them with Minecraft PE, you need to go through a file manager able to open mods with the official Mojang title app. For more details, you can refer to the official add-on guidelines.

    Come mettere mod your Minecraft PE

    To give you a concrete example, FX File Explorer, downloadable from the Google Play Store, has this functionality. To proceed, just press on file of the mod you downloaded and choose to open it with Minecraft. This way, you will see a confirmation message that the add-on has been successfully installed.

    After that, it will be enough for you enable the package to start using it. To do this, go to the path Play> Create New> New World> Create New World and select the mode Creative as default. I remind you this it will block the possibility of obtaining achievements, but this match will be useful for you simply to test the mod.

    Move, therefore, to the tab relating to packages, select the against e fai tap sul pulsating Attiva, in order to make it effectively enabled in your game. In this way, after pressing on the button Crea, you will enter the game and be able to use the content created by the community.

    Come mettere le mod su Minecraft PE for iOS

    Come mettere mod your Minecraft PE

    Per the operating system iOS, so for iPhone e iPad, the possibilities are the same offered by the Android world.

    In any case, to install mods for Minecraft PE for this platform, some users go by third-party applications. However, given the possible problems that I have illustrated in the preliminary chapter, I recommend that you use the official shop inside the game, which works the same way as the one I described to you in the appropriate chapter.

    If you really want to pass by third party files, at your own risk, you can follow the instructions I provided in the chapter on external mods: just download the files .mcaddon and open them via Minecraft using the appropriate native iOS functionality. My advice, however, if you care a lot about safety, is to limit yourself to verified mode and accessible through the Marketplace.

    In short, now you know everything there is to know regarding the possibility of installing mods on the mobile version of Minecraft. For the rest, since you are a fan of the Mojang title, you might be interested in consulting the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft, where you can find other tutorials that could be for you.

    Come mettere mod your Minecraft PE

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