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Preliminary information

Before explaining what the best servers for minecraft, I think it might interest you to know more about this possibility.

Well, the servers are nothing more than "virtual rooms" created by the community of the Mojang title. Put simply, this is content made by common players / third-party companies to expand the possibilities offered by the game. Usually, access to servers is free, but within some of them there may also be microtransactions. Everything obviously depends on the managers of the "room".

Server support is generally only guaranteed for two versions of Minecraft: that Java to computer and that for smartphones and tablets (also known as Minecraft PE). In the console versions there is the possibility to join the world of other players, but it is not possible to access the minigames and other activities made by the community.

I also point out that you do not have to download any type of mod to access the Minecraft servers, since Mojang has implemented support for the latter natively within the version Premium of the game.

All you have to do to enter the Minecraft servers is to start the game and press the button Multiplayer, found on the home screen. After that, click the button Aggiungi a server and type server name e server indirizzo, then remembering to press the button Done, to apply the changes. After that, you simply have to press on the icon Play that appears on the screen, next to the server name you entered, to enter and start playing.

Best Minecraft Premium servers

If you have purchased Minecraft on a computer, you can access different types of servers, which will allow you to play modes that are not present by default in the game. Below you will find all the relevant information regarding the most interesting servers.

Best Minecraft BedWars servers

Bed Wars is one of the most popular modes for Minecraft players. It requires users to compete for control of the Dreamscape, that is, the imaginary landscape. The matches are from 1 to 4 players and your job is to destroy the Read of opponents, who are in some floating islands scattered around the map.

Once your bed is destroyed, the players on your team will never be able to come back to life. Clearly, the winner will belast survivor but, to reach the first position, you will have to work hard, as during the game other users will be able potentiarsi in various ways and will do anything to get on the top step of the podium.

The most famous server regarding this mode is certainly that of HyPixel Studios Inc: think that on May 17, 2019, he achieved the incredible result of 15 million unique logins. In short, if you want to try Bed Wars, you absolutely cannot forget this server.

To enter the “virtual room” of Hypixel Studios Inc, all you have to do is use bedwars like server name e like server indirizzo. Once "passed" i welcome messages, take the object in your hand Game Menu (the compass icon), do click e pigia sull 'bed icon.

You should now be in the Bed Wars mode room. On the left you will find the world ranking, while on the right a wall with all the information of the case on the room. On the right side of the screen there are, instead, the level and other statistics of your character.

To start a game, you just have to go to the center of the room, read the writings above the various characters "Get up" with a support block, choose the type of match that you want to play (ex. We will only, Doubles), press on character chosen (remembering remove any object from your character's hands, otherwise it won't work), and press thebed icon which will appear on the screen.

Perfect, you have now successfully started a game in Bed Wars mode. At first there will be a small one lobby in which to wait for the countdown comes to an end. After that, you will be catapulted into the middle of yours room: on the left and on the right there are gods characters that can sell you objects e upgrades, while behind you there is a Generator of Iron Ingots and Gold Ingots. You need the latter to buy from the various "merchants": take as much as possible.

As soon as you leave your room there is the bed, which you must defend with all your might from the attacks of other players. However, in order to purchase stronger items and upgrades you will need to get out of your "floating island" and go to the diamond / emerald generators. Also, of course, you will have to try to destroy the beds of other users to win. You can of course move around by placing gods blocks, but be careful not to fall or you will lose all equipment.

In short, now you have all the information you need to play the Bed Wars mode. If HyPixel Studios Inc's server isn't right for you, I recommend you give it a try Sky kingdoms, accessible via the address, as it often contains many players. In any case, for more details on this mode, I invite you to consult my tutorial on how to play BedWars on Minecraft PC.

Best Minecraft Skyblock servers

Another mode that is particularly well known among Minecraft fans is Skyblock. The basic concept is very simple: at the start of the game you are alone on a 'floating island and you must complete a series of challenges using only the limited resources at your disposal. After that, once you have demonstrated your skills, you can reach out to other users and play some sort of adventure to goals within an immense shared world.

Again, my advice is always to rely on the server HyPixel Studios Inc, since it also allows you to play in Skyblock mode and is always populated by many players. I remind you that the address to access this server is

Once you're on the server, go for it click destroy while you are holding the item Game Menu (the compass icon) and press theavatar icon. This will immediately start a game in mode Skyblock and you will already find yourself in yours floating island. At the top of the screen you will be shown which one is yours obiettivo current, on the right you can find all statistics of the game, while at the bottom there are indications regarding the health of your character and al mana.

To access the settings mode while you are playing, just pick up the item SkyBlock Menu and do click destroy. Here you will find all the appropriate options and you can also see the statistics of your profile andcurrent goal. In any case, in the early part of the game, you have to to build what you are asked for (usually a pickaxe, a workbench and little else).

These are easy constructions, but if you really do not remember which elements you need, I suggest you use the online tool Minesearch, very useful to get all the information on any element present in Minecraft.

The service works very simply: just type the name of the object you need in the search bar present at the top right and select the outcome most relevant. Once this is done, you simply have to write down the combination to create the object that appears on the screen and reproduce it within Minecraft. I can assure you that in this way you will be able to overcome in no time the initial phase in which you are required to demonstrate your skills.

Once you have built all the required structures, you will need to use the blocks to build a bridge towards the floating island in front of yours. Here you will find a character that will tell you to enter the portal. Perfect, you will now be teleported to the village and finally you will see the others too players.

In the village there is everything from Bank al bar, up to auction house: just talk to inhabitants of the village and follow the indicazioni present on the screen, to advance in the adventure.

I'll stop here with the directions because I don't want to give you any further spoilers: now you have everything you need to play SkyBlock mode.

If you don't like Hypixel Studios Inc's server, you might think about joining the one called Mine Superior, which can be reached at The latter is often packed with players and therefore you will most likely not struggle to find a match.

Migliori server Minecraft Survival

Older Minecraft players prefer one mode Survival "Classic", perhaps with some fun changes able to increase the possibilities available, compared to those I mentioned previously

The server I recommend accessing to play Survival mode is the one called Mineville, accessible via the address The latter is always populated by many players and inside there are some excellent custom modes.

Once inside the server, you may be prompted to download and install a customized package. I advise you to press on Yes, so that you can use all the features of the server as its creators intended. In any case, on the right you will find all the statistics related to your character.

To access the server's Survival mode, go to the path on the right and you will find a character with the written Kingdom Survival: now just do it click destroy on it to enter the world dedicated to this mode. You just have to read the instructions and talk to the character which is behind you, to start a game.

You will be catapulted to a random location on the map and your Survival adventure will begin there. First, I recommend that you equip armor that was provided to you in theInventory, in order to increase your protection. I remind you that you can use the button E keyboard to manage inventory.

After that, you can freely explore the world populated by others as well players. You will immediately notice this due to the fact that the map will be dotted with structures made by other users. Either way, your goal is clearly to to survive and create your own kingdom of dreams.

To get started, press the button T on the keyboard, type the command / k create [name] I awarded Submit. You can of course give your kingdom any name.

At this point, you need to type the command /wild to transport you to a "free" place. You will need them later dollars 500 to buy the Plot. The simplest way to get them is to use the command /vote, press on one of the link e rate the server on the site that will appear on the screen.

Now you just have to enter yours username of Minecraft and rate the server on two sites different, in order to get dollars 600, which will be enough for you to "buy" the land. Once you have the money, type the command /k bank deposit 500, to send the required $ 500 to the Bank of the game.

Next, type the command /k claim, to buy the Plot. After that, you just have to use the command / k sethome to make this place yours casa. Perfect now you can create your own kingdom of dreams. You will then have to go around the map, just like in the mode Survival "Classic", to collect the materials needed to create the structures of your kingdom and level up.

To go home, you can use the command /k home. For all the details of the case on this mode, I recommend that you consult the official guidelines (in English).

If you don't like MineVille's server, you might want to think about trying the one called TheDestinyMC, which you can access via the address Here you will surely find something original to do, but I don't want to anticipate the surprise.

Best Minecraft PE servers

How do you say? You have the version for smartphones and tablets of Minecraft and would like to know which are the best servers for this edition of the game? No problem, below you can find a list of the "virtual rooms" that I think are the most valid.

  • FallenTech ( one of the most played mobile servers. The main modes are SkyBlock, Prison and Factions.
  • BrokenLens ( probably the most complete server available for the mobile version of Minecraft. It has many modes, from SkyWars to Survival, through MurderMistery.
  • CubeCraft Games ( European server that allows you to play many community created minigames, from Hunger Games to SkyWars.

I remind you that, to enter a server from the mobile version of Minecraft, you have to go to the path Play> Server> Add Server, type the name,server indirizzo and port (e.g. 19132) and press on Play.

In some cases, you may be required to perform the login to your Xbox Live account to play: you can do this by pressing on the item Get free access to Xbox Live. For more details, I recommend that you check out my tutorial on how to access Xbox Live on Minecraft PE.

Since you are interested in the title of Mojang, I invite you to take a look at the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft, where you can find countless tutorials regarding this game.

Best Minecraft servers

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