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    Preliminary information

    Before introducing you to the most interesting seeds to generate worlds in Minecraft, let me briefly explain how the generation works within the game created by Mojang. While you are certainly aware of their function, I am sure you will find what I am about to tell you about seeds useful.

    You must know, in fact, that Minecraft uses a very precise mathematical calculation during the phase of creating new worlds. This calculation uses a numerical value which, if not specified, is chosen randomly. Specifying a seed, therefore, provides the game with the numerical value to be used in the calculation phase.

    If this means that the worlds generated with the same seed are practically identical, however, it is good that you know that different versions of Minecraft use different calculations, also based on the objects and elements present in them. In this guide, therefore, I will show you gods compatible seeds with different versions of the game.

    Best Minecraft seeds PC

    In the next chapters of the tutorial you will be able to discover the best Minecraft seeds compatible with different versions of the game and different systems. In this chapter, dedicated to the PC, I will focus on various versions of the Java Edition of Minecraft.

    If you play the Bedrock Edition to Windows 10instead, I invite you to read the chapter of the guide dedicated to Minecraft PE, that is the version of Minecraft for smartphones and tablets, now called simply Minecraft and based on the Bedrock Edition; the Bedrock Edition is the same that is also found on consoles (PlayStation, Xbox e Nintendo Switch). Now, however, ban the chatter and take action.

    Best Minecraft seeds 1.14

    Let's start from version 1.14 of Minecraft Java Edition. The first seed I want to introduce to you for Minecraft 1.14 is a true adventurer seed. If what you are looking for is a combination of challenge and exploration, you can enter the seed -1881547168% and thus generate a very rich world.

    In front of you is a village, very useful for getting protection and resources right away. Proceeding, you can find the offshoots of a vast desert: do not worry, however, just walk a few steps in it and you will find yourself in front of a Desert Temple, with one included Piramide.

    As if that were not enough, proceeding to the right you can find, about half a day's walk, a camp of Marauders. Confronting them will not be difficult for you, after the resources you will be able to find in the Desert Temple and in the village.

    What I am about to propose to you is a seed that, if you like to explore the depths of the earth, you will surely like it. By inserting the seed 2467475923055248755 you may think that you have generated a normal world, but in front of you there will actually be a village, very useful for resources and protection, with a very interesting peculiarity.

    Just behind the village, in fact, there is a long and deep one crevasse all to explore. Precious and useful minerals, but also monsters, are insured, and you can certainly start venturing into very rich mines without worrying about building a home.

    In fact, being the village right above the crevasse, you will always have a place to sleep and where to retrieve food. This seed, therefore, is among the best seeds dedicated to those who love to explore without giving up an excellent, safe and always available accommodation. Convenient, right?

    Best Minecraft seeds 1.15

    If you want to start your experience in Minecraft 1.15 with an adrenaline rush, the seed 2327370183894455166 is the one for you. By inserting this seed, in fact, the game will generate a really difficult and fun world.

    As soon as you arrive in the world, you can see on your right a camp of Marauders. As you already know, marauders are malevolent entities that attack on sight, so be prepared to run for cover and quickly build weapons.

    If you think this seed is unnecessarily dangerous, know that the raiders release a lot of resources and in their camp you can find more. Furthermore, by conquering it you can make it your fort, from which to start your new adventures.

    How do you say? Do you prefer to leave more calmly but do not want to give up a nice booty near the starting point? Try inserting the seed 64093444, I am sure it will meet your needs and allow you to have a great time!

    By using this seed, in fact, you can start your adventure on a peninsula of Giant mushrooms, Complete with Mooshroom that graze in freedom. But as I told you, even with this seed there is no lack of the possibility to immediately explore interesting places.

    In the sea, on the right, you can in fact find a Wreck explorable, submerged by water, containing many precious resources and, of course, one Map of Treasure that you can follow to start exploring the game world in the best way.

    Another seed I want to give you is the seed 3227028068011494221. Using it, your starting point will be really great. Starting on the coast, in fact, you will immediately notice a village in front of you; as you well know, villages are a source of resources and protection.

    However, do not think that this seed is for lazy people and is without surprises! If you look to the left, you can see a Wreck: you can then calmly explore the wreck knowing that you have a place to return and rest in the evening. Convenient, right?

    Finally, between the village and the wreck you can find small ruins, also containing a Baule with inside useful resources. The possibilities, as you can see, are really many and fun is guaranteed.

    Best Minecraft seeds 1.16

    The first seed for Minecraft 1.16 that I want to introduce you is really full of surprises. In fact, by inserting the seed 1609055592099966422 you can generate a world that will certainly not leave you indifferent, especially if you are inclined to explore and if you like to start immediately with a challenge.

    Using the seed I gave you, you will immediately find one Forest mansion. If you don't know what it is, know that the Mansion of the Forest is a place inhabited by monsters of all kinds, dangerous and fascinating, but containing great treasures.

    It is, in fact, the only place in the game where you can find the Totem of immortality, able to save the player from death. Normally, as I explained in my article on how to find the mansion in Minecraft, it is not easy to find one, but thanks to this seed you will have no problem exploring it immediately.

    Using the seed -8993723640229201049%Instead, you can immediately get a very varied world, with several surprises inside. Surely you will have the opportunity to notice it for yourself, exploring the world thus created, but let me tell you: it is a really good seed!

    In addition to a village placed on your right, there are two in this world Forest mansions adjacent. Not far away, there is one swamp and with a House of the Witch and, not far away, a second village.

    Interesting, right? What's more, there is also a Ruined Portal: playing with this seed, therefore, you will be able to explore the Nether in no time at all!

    If what you are looking for is adventure, here is the seed for you. By inserting the seed 2301921242093702527, in fact, the generated world will immediately offer you a whole Jungle to explore in total freedom.

    Not only that: covered by trees, making your way and turning right after a few steps, you will have the opportunity to immediately find a Jungle Temple. If you didn't know, in this temple it is possible to find numerous treasures spread over several floors, fraught with dangers.

    Also, just outside the jungle there are a few Villages and explorable ruins. In short, a world of a true adventurer full of challenges and resources from the very beginning. Interesting, isn't it?

    Best seed Minecraft PE

    If you are looking for the best seeds for Minecraft PE, this is the section of the guide that suits you best. But I want to inform you that the PE version of the famous cube game is called now Minecraft, and it's the same version on smartphone e consul, Namely the Bedrock Edition.

    The first seed I want to show you for the Bedrock Edition is the seed from number 2065486297. Once the world is generated, proceed forward for some time, to discover on the left a abandoned village. If it all seems too normal, walk to the center of the village.

    As you can see, there is a profound present crevasse: already this would be enough to make the seed interesting, but know that inside the crevasse there is one Stronghold (an underground fortress, gateway to the End portal), right under your feet.

    So by using this seed, you can collect resources from the village and minerals from the crevasse before heading to the discovery of the Stronghold, without having to go through the long and complex procedure normally required to find one.

    If you are looking for something very special, enter the seed 1959330209 and generates a new world. Turn immediately behind you, and there is one looming bamboo forest full blown. Bamboo is a fairly common element in some areas of Minecraft, but finding a forest can often take a long time.

    Furthermore, in bamboo forests they are often present in quantities i Panda, creatures very difficult to find, especially in groups. With this seed, on the other hand, you can find several without even looking for them diligently. If you want to know how to tame it, read my tutorial dedicated to the subject.

    If you get tired of the bamboo forest, know that shortly after it there is a large one Jungle, full of creatures, resources and treasures to explore. In short, an interesting seed, isn't it?

    In Minecraft, you know, there are resources that are very difficult to find. Among these, the Diamond it is certainly among the most coveted and rare. But inserting the seed 823486800 it will be very easy for you to find some units.

    Thanks to this seed, in fact, on your left you can quickly reach a village, with a deep crevasse placed at the edge of the same. Towards the bottom of the crevasse, on the left, you can find some blocks of Diamond exposed, ready to be collected.

    What's more, on the right side of the crevasse you can find one Stronghold which divides the crevasse itself in two, exposed to sunlight and therefore easier to both reach and explore.

    Migliori seed Minecraft PS4

    If you want to generate interesting and rich worlds also on PS4, know that the version available on console and on mobile (and therefore also on Xbox e smartphone) is none other than the Bedrock Edition. To get the best seeds for Minecraft Bedrock Edition and used on mobile and consoles, you can consult the chapter on Minecraft Bedrock Edition and get them without problems.

    Best Minecraft seeds

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