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    • Best Minecraft mods
      • Dragon Mounts 2
      • SCP: Lockdown
      • Fossils and Archeology Revival
      • Not Enough Items
      • Millennium
    • Best Minecraft PE mods

    Best Minecraft mods

    The version of Minecraft most used to play mods is Java for PC and Mac, since most of the creations of fans are only available for this edition of the Mojang title. That said, before moving on to best mods for minecraft, I think you might be interested in learning more about how to install this content on your computer.

    The first thing to do is to configure the profile forge. To proceed, connect to the official Forge for Minecraft website and click on the entry Installer. If you need Forge for a "dated" version of Minecraft (I recommend the 1.12.2), you have to press the button Show all Version. In some cases, you may be asked to wait a few seconds and press the button Skip, present at the top right, to start the download.

    Once the download is complete, open the file forge- [versione] -installer.jar obtained, click on the item Install Client e pigia his OK. Perfect, you have now successfully installed Forge on your computer. I remind you to always pay attention to Minecraft versions supported by the mod you want to install, since the profile forge it must be compatible.

    At this point, it's time to download the mod of your interest. All such content designed for the Java version of Minecraft is nothing more than files .jar. Once you have downloaded the latter, you must copy / move them nella cartella delle mod di Minecraft. its Windows, il percorso da I will follow è C: Users [nome utente] AppDataRoaming.minecraftmodswhile on MacOS è ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / mods.

    Finally, to use the mod, you just have to select the profile forge through theicona della freccia verse il basso present on the left, next to the button PLAYS, on the main screen of the Minecraft launcher. Minecraft will warn you with an on-screen message if the mod is not compatible with the version of Forge you have installed. For more details, I recommend that you check out my tutorial on how to put mods on Minecraft. If you need to switch to another version of the game, I invite you to take a look at my guide on how to change version of Minecraft.

    Dragon Mounts 2

    After explaining how to install and configure mods, I'd say you're ready to start finding out which ones are the best. The first user creation I want to tell you about is Dragon Mounts 2, mod that allows you to insert and tame dragons within Minecraft. The mod is downloadable from CurseForge (just press the button Download) and the version of the game I recommend you to use is the 1.12.2.

    Once in the game, possibly in mode Creative, you can start hatching dragon eggs. To do this, press the button E keyboard, take one of the many Spawn Dragon, move it to yours Inventory and use it, doing click destroy. Now the egg will hatch and you will see the dragon of your choice appear on the screen.

    That's not all: Dragon Mounts 2 also implements the ability to tame dragons, which are also rideable. To proceed, just press the button T della tastiera, I will enter the command /dragon tame and press Submit.

    Once this is done, press Left Shift + Right Click on dragon and place one saddle in the upper left part of the inventory. For more information on this item, I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on how to make the saddle in Minecraft.

    At this point, you just have to do click destroy on the dragon, to get on the saddle. You can control the creature's movements via le directional arrows, while you can use the space bar to fly. To go down, however, you have to press the button Left Shift.

    For more details on this mod, I invite you to check out my guide on how to make a dragon in Minecraft.

    SCP: Lockdown

    Another mod much appreciated by Minecraft fans is the one called SCP: Lockdown. It adds "scary" adventures to the game. It was made as part of a CREEPYPASTA, which is a horror story invented by some users who joined a fictional organization called the SCP Foundation. The mod is downloadable from CurseForge (you just have to press the button Download) and I advise you to play it on the version 1.12.2 of Minecraft.

    Once in the game, possibly in mode Creative, premium pulsating E of the keyboard, then presses onright arrow icon present at the top and click onsheet icon, to view the available “scary” adventures on the screen.

    To see the "difficulty" of the various activities, just place the mouse cursor above the various sheets and you will see that some writings will appear: Safe, Euclid e Keter. The first indicates the “easier” levels, the second involves unpredictable enemies and the third is the one that includes the most dangerous challenges.

    At this point, all you have to do to start a "mission" is to grab a document (eg Panacea 500) and place it on a free block of land. This way, you will see one appear on the screen structure. However, you may need to place some support blocks to reach it, since it is sometimes created "in the air".

    Finally, you just have to press on red button which is on the left of the front door. Now your adventure will begin. If the "missions" don't interest you, you can also summon the creatures present inside the mod through some eggs. To do this, just press the button E keyboard, take the object for example Shy Guy Egg (096) and place it on the ground.

    This way, you will be able to summon all creatures and see them right away. For more information on this mod, I invite you to take a look at my tutorial on how to download the SCP mod on Minecraft.

    Fossils and Archeology Revival

    If you love archeology, you can't not try the mod Fossils and Archeology Revival. In fact, it adds countless dinosaurs and also allows you to extract their DNA, create embryos and produce eggs. In addition, the mod also introduces many other prehistoric creatures into the game, from mammoths to dodos, passing through saber-toothed tigers.

    The mod can be downloaded from CurseForge (you just have to press the button Download) and is compatible with the version 1.12.2 of Minecraft. In this case, you also need to download the mod LLlbrary from the official website (you simply have to press on Download) and place this last file as well .jar inside the mod folder, as I explained to you in the initial chapter of the guide.

    Once a game has started, perhaps in mode Creative, premium pulsating E on the keyboard, click theright arrow icon e pigia sull 'icon of archaeological finds. Here you will find all objects introduced by mod.

    So take, for example, a Tyrannosaurus egg and place it on the ground (if you can't find it, press on thecompass icon present at the top right and type "egg"). In this way, you will see the dinosaur what have you chosen.

    The mod also allows you to build "prehistoric" dwellings. To do this, just press on thelock icon present inside theInventory and use the objects that will appear on the screen to create your home.

    Clearly the mod allows you to do much more. I have explained the basics to you, then it will be up to you to discover all the fun activities you can do within Fossils and Archeology Revival. For more details on the mod, I recommend that you consult the official Wiki (in English).

    Not Enough Items

    If you feel that the "standard" Minecraft inventory is not complete enough, Not Enough Items is definitely the mod for you. In fact, it is designed to add myriads of content to your inventory, dramatically expanding the possibilities offered by the game.

    You can download the mod from CurseForge by pressing the button Download. The recommended Minecraft version is 1.12.2. In this case, in order for the mod to work properly, you also need to install Just Enough Items and CodeChicken Lib. The files .jar they must all be placed in the mod folder, as I explained to you in the initial chapter of the tutorial.

    Once you've started a game, just press the button E on the keyboard, to access theInventory. Now you can see the objects available both in the center and in the right part of the screen, while on the left there are all the settings of the case. For example, you can turn on the pioggia pressing ondrop icon, while clicking on theheart icon can cure your character.

    Doing click destroy on objects present on the left, you can see the crafting table and understand how to build them or what you can create from that object. In short, Not Enough Items adds many possibilities to Minecraft: you just have to have fun exploring them.


    If you think that there are not enough NPCs in Minecraft, I recommend that you try the mod Millennium. In fact, the latter was created precisely by users who wanted to see their game world more populated than the Mojang developers expected. In particular, Millénaire adds villages and NPCs based on the uses and customs of the XNUMXth century cultures.

    Men, women, children - each person has their own story to tell and you can help them upgrade villages and defeat enemies. You can also to trade with these NPCs and, in case you have to help them properly, they might even reward you with some pretty good houses. The mod can be downloaded from CurseForge (I recommend you play it on the 1.12.2 of Minecraft).

    Once a game has started, possibly in mode Creative, premium pulsating M keypad to access the various information on mod. Below you will notice that there are a few statistics that show what your reputation is in the various culture. Pressing on the item Help of Millénaire, everything you can do will be explained to you.

    To make a brief "summary", you just need to know that they are there villages scattered throughout the Minecraft map, where you can go to help NPC I was telling you about earlier. Villages are usually at least distant 2km one from the other: just press the button V on the keyboard, to activate the "radar”And find out whether or not there is a village nearby.

    Each village has a central building where you will find all the relevant information about its history: just do it click destroy on the various panels to get additional details. Inside the village you will find many NPC, which will surely be busy in various activities. You just have to talk to them by doing click destroy on them. In this way, you will gradually discover all the possibilities offered by the Millénaire mod and you will make your way towards winning the trust of various cultures.

    Best Minecraft PE mods

    How do you say? You have the smartphone and tablet version of Minecraft and would like to know what the best mods for Minecraft PE? No problem, below you will find a list of the creations of the users that I think are the most valid.

    • Ants Mod: forget any kind of horse, this mod allows you to ride giant ants. Definitely an original "means of transport".
    • Unicorn + Unicorn Horn Swords: thanks to this mod, instead of mules your character will see unicorns. New swords called Unicorn Horn Swords are also added.
    • Lightsaber Addon: as you may have already guessed from the name, this is a mod that adds lightsabers to Minecraft. There are swords of four rarities: standard, common, rare and epic.
    • Dragon Mounts Mod: an older version of the mod I showed you in the computer chapter. Adds 7 dragons to the game and allows you to ride them.
    • Deep into the Mist Mod: if you are planning to live an original adventure, this is the mod for you. In fact, it adds a "story" mode with lots of bosses to defeat.

    To install these mods, I recommend that you check out my tutorial on how to put mods on Minecraft PE.

    Best Minecraft mods

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