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As for facing each other in Conflict Royale Fortnite, one of the fundamental procedures of the game is the design of our PC's console, since we must move as quickly as possible to attack or manufacture. That is why in this article we will show you the best controls for Fortnite for PC.

Initial layout for Fortnite on PC

The initial step that each player must take is to make the underlying configuration of our PC, which is to make the changes according to the illustrations on the PC screen. To imagine the parts of the game in their most extreme clarity. We will base ourselves on a meeting of the most experienced players and their recommendation:

Screen target: 1920 x 1080p.

Contour Rate Limit: Unlimited.

Window mode: Window (full screen).

Quality: We leave you the layout chosen by the vast majority of Fortnite players:

Epic 3D resolution and viewing distance.

Shadows Off, Anti-Aliasing, Vsync, Motion Blur, Show Grass and Show FPS.

Medium in Textures and Effects.

Low in post-manipulation.

Mouse settings for Fortnite on PC

When this multitude of changes have been made, the next stage is to fix the PC mouse to have the option to make efforts effectively. It is prudent to have it available with the minimum conceivable responsiveness, we can be guided by the conscience used by the youtuber Ninja, who places it at 400 DPI and when playing uses 0,10 and 0,50.

Best Fortnite PC controls

Once all the previous advances have been made, we only have to design our console and this time we will let ourselves be guided by Lolito and Ninja players, who love notable Fortnite.

The settings used by Lolito on the PC console for Fortnite

At the moment we want to use the E key is great.

To jump we use the space bar.

To hump we designed the C key.

Use the spout with the 1 key.

Weapon Skin: 1, 2, 3, 4, Z, X.

Our skills with the Z, X key.

Assuming you want to deploy a quick upgrade with the side mouse button.

To build: divider, floor, slope and roof - Q, F2, F3, F4.

Fix the loop, the F5 key.

To set, the F key.

The settings used by Ninja on the PC console to Fortnite

To use we designed the E key.

To bounce with the space bar.

To slouch we set the C key.

To use the upper part with the 1 key.

Our Weapons: we have the keys 1, 2, 3, 4, Z, X

By deploying a Quick Buff with the Q key.

Build divider, floor, slope and roof - mouse buttons.

Use the trap with the 5 key.

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