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Baizhu is a person in Genshin Impact. He is supposed to be delivered as a playable person later on. Interestingly appears during Archon quests. Like Fischl, he has a talking pet character, the white snake that perches on his shoulders.

Baizhu de Genshin Impact en 1 momento

Atributos de Baizhu de Genshin Impact

Age: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Extraordinary: Unknown

Vision (component): A person outside the group

Work in the group: Unknown

Weapon: Unknown

Location: Liyu

Talentos Baizhu de Genshin Impact:

dendro vision

In the main story, Baizhu appeared wearing a green jewel bearing Dendro's mark. This could be Dendro's main vision shown in the game.

He could fuse the pet snake into his abilities

It's also conceivable that Baizhu's Elemental Burst or Elemental Ability could consolidate his white snake pet. This could be like Diluc's Elemental Burst, which takes on the natural typing of his pet hawk.

Baizhu's character, Genshin Impact

Many gossips revolve around Baizhu, although much of it is currently obscure; the main thing the player hears is that his usual natural drugs are incredibly harsh.

Despite the terrible taste of his medication, most Liyue residents have complete confidence in his clinical abilities, for example, Keqing, who considers him the ideal individual to visit when you can't figure out what's wrong with you, and Xinyan, who thanks for your exceptionally powerful voice to protect medicines.

One of his patients, a broken-down young woman named Hongdou, definitely tries to avoid her medication and only agrees to visit Bubu Pharmacy because Baizhu is extremely nice to her, thinking that just seeing him will help her have a better life. better scenery.

Baizhu's story in Genshin Impact

Baizhu appears in the "Guizhong" quest, after the Traveler and Zhongli return to Qiqi with basically nothing, enlightening him that they had neglected to pursue an "amazing device" called a "cocogoat". After learning that Qiqi had been looking for coconut milk all along, Baizhu shows up and reveals himself to be the owner of Bubu Pharmacy, something even Zhongli had no idea about.

Who provides Baizhu with the voice for Genshin Impact?

The voice animators who rejuvenate Baizhu are:

In Japanese: Koji Yusa

How do you draw Baizhu from Genshin Impact?

We haven't drawn Baizhu from Genshin Impact yet, so while we leave you with this piece of video. Come back soon!

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