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    Animal Crossing New Leaf Hairstyle Guide

    Animal Crossing is one of the biggest computer game establishments in history, and its adaptation of New Leaf is possibly the most acclaimed current part. Also, as in any recreation game, remaking your symbol is critical.

    In this sense, we will show you an Animal Crossing New Leaf haircuts guide that you cannot miss.

    Animal Crossing New Leaf Hairstyle Guide

    Types of hairstyles in Animal Crossing New Leaf

    The main thing you should know is that Animal Crossing allows you to change your haircut whenever you need it, as long as you have visited Marilín. This curious character is found in Chez Marilín, which, indeed, is an area with a similar name.

    You need to go to a query progression to have the option to decide the shade of the hair. The options to explore are the following:

    hair tones

    Brown is the typical hair color and the one most players have. To appear energetic, you can go for light hair, similar to orange, assuming you need a really striking touch. You will also find pink and muted brown, the latter being a very shy and reserved option.

    In the event that you favor a youthful touch, blue is the most ideal option, however to look rich, green is great. Finally, you can choose a white hair to have a great time and it is shiny.

    Hairstyles for young men

    There are styles from casual to exceptionally formal to chaotic, all things where they belong, straight-laced, devious and hard-working. You have numerous options to look over, however to take a risk, be sure to try a random haircut.

    Hairstyles for ladies

    Just like young men, young ladies can equally look over relaxed, medium, extremely formal, and a wide variety of styles. Most obviously, the beautician will ask you a progression of questions to which she will need to respond based on your preferences and requirements. The questions are instinctive, so it is not important to describe them individually.

    Step-by-step instructions to open Chez Marilín beautician

    You will open this beautician after burning 10000 berries at the helpful sisters shop or shoe store. In addition, it is also essential to have spent a whole week since the release of Bitumen, for which you need to spend about 8000 berries.

    As may be obvious, it is a cycle that requires a ton of assets and time, however, it is absolutely worth the effort.

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