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    Andrius is an adversary from Genshin Impact, known as Lupus Boreas, he is one of the Four Winds of Mondstadt. It is estimated that his powers were granted to him by an ancient archon. Andrius appears as a huge blue wolf.

    Where to find Andrius in Genshin Impact?

    You can think of it as being in the Mondstadt Kingdom of Wolves. Upon completion of Razor's amazing quest, Andrius can be matched up as an adversary and later you will start the Wolf of the North Challenge.

    Andrius Curiosities

    Andrius raised Razor, but later fired him for vigorously associating with people.

    Andrius weak points

    Characters of the Pyro component, since they will cause damage when softening a person who is for all purposes generally with the Cryo component.

    Instructions to overcome the impact of Andrius from Genshin

    Pyro component characters, for example, Hu Tao, Bennet or Yanfei will cause damage, since the opponent is made up mostly of Cyro component you can also transport a person who can put safeguards, see a Diona or a Zhongli, either shockingly better. Staying away from their assaults is the focus, so that your well-being doesn't decrease, and raiding with the Pyro component characters, and saves with Diona or Zhongli in case you don't have the option to stay away from the assault.

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