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Overall, FNF has everything you really want to get you hooked for a long time. That is why many individuals have decided to draw the characters of the game and even know their names and the ability to separate them from others. Also you, do you have any idea about what all the FNF characters are called - Friday Night Funkin?

Before going to see their names, you should remember that there are two types of characters in the game. The fixed characters and the MOD characters.

To get familiar with the names of the characters in the MODs, I suggest you first look at the MODs that interest you the most, and from there start to retain their names and their plan.

Obviously, in the event that you are looking for the characters from the first game, you will hardly believe, you do not need to go anywhere else. Here I am going to listen for a minute to each one of them being called and what you recognize them from the others.

Which are largely the characters of Friday Night Funkin

In fact, we should go there with the names of the FNF characters

Sweetheart - This young lady will always be on the horn of the game. It helps us a lot in the instruction exercise and in certain melodies.

Beau - Protagonist of the story. He is a boy with a cap who hopes to dazzle his better half.

Daddy - The lady's father. A person with horns and glowing eyes who is an expert in music.

Mom - If you thought moving on from dad was problematic, it's because you haven't met mom. For all intents and purposes, he looks a lot like Dad, only female.

Pickaxe - A boy with a gun who also comes to the game to challenge the hero.

Senpai - A person who contrasts with everyone as he is attracted to the manga style.

Alma - A strange red mass that will challenge the hero. Be exceptionally cautious in assuming you lose in light of the fact that it might try to eat you.

Slide and Pump - two or three vocalists who have come to show off their skills. They dress up as pumpkin and skull individually.

Beast - This abnormal person with a devilish smile has to prove that he knows music, but you have to be careful and stay away. You may be looking for something different assuming you lose.

Tankman - Nobody knows much about Tankman. All that is known is that he is wearing a strange protective cap and that your girlfriend is in danger, so you should succeed no matter what.

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